Monday, April 18, 2011

I do love my Brady...

So pretty much Brady has been giving me *&^%# recently as he has been trying to prove is two year-old "manhood." He won't do anything that I tell him to do, but of course does EVERYTHING that I tell him not to do.  I kind of just want to pull my hair out right now.  However, despite everything that he is throwing at me,  I do have to say that I love that little guy.

Tonight when I was feeding Pyper dinner, he came up to me and wrapped his arms around my legs and said, "I love you mommy."  I of course replied back with, "I love you Brady," when he promptly responded, "I love you more." Did he just melt my heart? Yes! (I do have to say though that I'm pretty sure that he did not come up with this line on his own, but rather stole it from his new favorite movie TANGLED.  He has been watching it quite a bit recently...oh well, still cute).

Another random Brady moment happened today that I wanted to get down for future posterity...mainly to be able to embarrass him on future dates.  Tonight I was having some edamame, when Brady came into the kitchen and said he wanted one of my 'green carrots.' I, of course, shared one of my 'green carrots' with him and he proceeded to put the whole thing in his mouth....pod and all.  I thought about stopping him, but decided I was enjoying it too much.  Several minutes later he came back with full mouth and said, "open your hand" as he quickly tried to spit it out into my hand.  Luckily, I guided him to the trash just in time (this isn't the first time he has tried to spit the remnants of his food into my hand).  Later, as we were having dinner I was trying to coerce him into eating his green beans and told him that if he ate one bean, he could have his milk.  He again proceeded to stick the WHOLE bean into his mouth at once (another Brady trait), and began chewing.  Again, several chews later, he said "trash" and started walking towards the trash to spit the bean out.  Well, at least I got him to spit into the trash can as opposed to my hand....NOT...when I wouldn't let him spit it out in the trash can, his next plan of attack started with, "open your hand..."

Well, I have to say I did finally get him to swallow his ONE green bean and we managed to finish dinner with only a few minor casualties.


  1. Zac is working on showing off his Terrible Two traits also. They should get together more I am sure they would have a blast being naughty together. I do reverse psychology on Zac. I dish up green beans on my plate and tell them they are too good to share. He begs, I "give in" and he eats them all including a yummy noise like I did when eating them...brewhaha!

  2. LOL loved this post...aww parenthood. 80% pull your hair out 20% melt your heart. Thank goodness that 20% somehow makes the 80 all worth it:)!!! Seems as though Brady and Jacob feel the same about their veggies...sigh...

  3. i feel like you should tell about Brady's terrible three's (?) ...and potty-training :)